Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

In the first semester of the DLC7, I feel as though I have improved. In the beginning I had no clue as to how Keynote and IMovie worked, but now I have improved my skills. Still I need improvement on those skills, but I can work on them next semester. Another skill that I have improved is public speaking, before the DLC I wasn't a fan of public speaking, but now I am not as nervous as I use to be in previous years.

The project that I am most proud of is probably the Industrial Revolution teaching topic. I thought that this was a major break through for me, because I gained self confidence in public speaking and this was just an all around great project, because of the people that I worked with, and the way it turned out. Also, I am good at content on history, so this makes things easier in the DLC for me, because my father basically teaches me this information daily. Another thing that I am proud of is the Lincoln-Douglas debate, because we won and I like the people that I worked with. Also, I am proud of my Gettysburg brochure that I made for Mr. Jones' class to use to make a project.

The most challenging thing for me in the DLC is probably learning the technology and getting use to the way this program works. Also, I have bad working habits, in the next semester I need to not procrastinate and get my work done early. Another project that I struggled with is the Thematic Causes of the civil war, because I couldn't get the project time right and it became short.

My favorite moment in the DLC is when all of the boys began to sing Justin Bieber. My expectations for next semester is is to get my work done on time, improve my skill with technology, and make better projects that the class can view.

So far this has been a pretty good year, and i hope it continues the way it has been with a few improvements to it to end 7th grade and continue to 8th grade.